Drag Flight/Scraper Conveyors

DragFlight 2015

Drag Flight/Scraper Conveyors are custom engineered and built to meet your specifications.


The Drag Flight / Scraper Conveyor effectively handles materials of sludge or paste
consistency when cutting steel, cast iron, aluminum or brass. Also handles fine
particles usually with large amounts of coolant present.

Features and Benefits:


  • Effective sludge or paste material removal
  • Broken/Fine chip removal
  • Effective settling system
  • Convertible to hinged steel belt conveyor 
  • Large pitch chains are available for demanding applications 
  • Heavy duty steel components are made from a variety of gauges
    and plate thicknesses for durability
  • Completely detachable chain design for ease of maintenance,
    pioneered by Jorgensen. 


Custom Fabricated:

Drag Flight/Scraper Conveyors are engineered to meet customer specifications. Conveyors
can be fabricated with coolant reservoirs for machine tool applications where cutting oil and
coolant is involved; with tank configuration per requirements. Jorgensen custom fabrication
includes conveyor configuration, leg length, incline angle, chain design and width, drive
system components and optional safety equipment. 
Belt sizes of 1.5" and 2.5" pitch are

System Options:

  • High pressure coolant system
  • Pumps/plumbing/coolant transfer
  • Downstream filtration
  • Tramp oil skimmers
  • Coolant chillers/heat exchangers
  • Complete electric/controls
  • Air knife
  • WedgeWire Drag Flight Conveyor  

1.5 inch Drag Flight Conveyor 

2.5 inch Drag Flight Conveyor 

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