Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Jorgensen have replacement parts in stock for my conveyor?

Yes we do, please give us the serial number from the Jorgensen name plate.  We can ship
most parts the same day.

2. Is there a standard paint color used or can I have my conveyor painted to our specs?

Jorgensen uses many industrial based enamels and polyurethane coatings. If you have a paint
chip or code, we would be happy to provide the finish coat for you.  There may be an additional

3. Is there someone in my area that would help me choose the correct conveyor for my application?

Jorgensen has trained factory representatives throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico that can
assist in this important process. Contact us for information on the rep near you 800-325-7705

4. What is the delivery time for a new conveyor?

2-3 weeks on  repeat orders and 8-9 weeks on  custom engineered conveyors.

5. How do I find out which Jorgensen product will work best for my application?

Contact our estimating department.   Our trained sales team will help you make 
the best choice.  262-242-3089

6.  How do I maintain my Jorgensen Products?

Go to our Literature page and select the Maintenance Manual to match your product. 

7.  What type of chips do I have?

      Metal Chips -- Types

             Loose Bushy Chips -- Loose long strings (some like wire) can gather in bundles of very
             little weight.   Weight is difficult to determine.

Tight Bushy Chips -- Long strings - Have been compressed by some manner which
means greater density and easier handling; commonly referred to as birds nests;
weight may vary widely.

Broken Chips -- Short broken curls - Referred to as 6's and 9's because of their
general shape; this is the most common type of chip.

Fine Chips -- Granular, free flowing; fines range from filings to very small chunks.

8. How do I calculate the weight of the chips?

                                    Nominal Weights per Cubic Foot

Type of Chip Aluminum Brass Cast Iron Steel
Solid Stock (Ref. only) 168.5 lbs. 547 lbs. 480 lbs. 490 lbs.
Bushy (Loose) 8 27 -- 25
Bushy (Tight) 17 58 -- 55
Broken Chips 25 85 72 75
Fine Chips 55 185 160 165


8.  How do I convert chip loads from Weights to Volumes?

Weight of typical solid metals per cubic foot Estimated weight of typical chips
per cubic foot
Fine Chips Broken Chips Bushy Chips Tight Bushy Chips Loose
1. Low and Medium
Carbon Steel . . . . . . 485.6
162.9 74.9 49.9 25
2. Tool Steel . . . . . . 549.9 181.5 83.5 55.7 27.9
3. Stainless Steel
(300 series) . . . . . . . 501.1
168.2 77.4 51.6 25.8
4. Stainless Steel
(400 series) . . . . . . . 483.8
162.4 74.7 49.9 24.9
5. Grey Cast Iron . . . 445.8 149.6 68.8 -- --
6. Malleable Iron . . . 456.4 153.2 70.5 -- --
7. Brass . . . . . . . . . 527.1 176.9 81.4 54.2 27.1
8. Copper . . . . . . . . 559.9 187.9 86.5 57.6 28.8
9. Aluminum . . . . . . 169.5 56.9 26.2 17.4 8.7

Example: A machine is known to produces 1,500 lbs. of fine grey cast iron chips per hour.
Divide 1,500 by 149.6 to determine the cubic foot volume of 10.03 ft. 3.



Jorgensen’s customer focus means we
do everything possible to meet your delivery
requirement.  Lean capabilities enable
Jorgensen to produce in lot sizes of one,
assuring minimal cycle times and prompt
delivery without the necessity to maintain
finished goods inventory.

Aftermarket support

We maintain an inventory of component
parts for several of our popular conveyor
and filtration systems products that can
be shipped world-wide on short notice.


If there’s an issue that comes up in the field
with our equipment, we’re willing to
immediately respond to resolve the issue.
Our first priority is that we take care of our

 Strong sales/service network

We’re proud of our international rep
. They know our products and
our reputation for quality and service. They
can count on us to support them and our
products in the field. You, the customer, can
count on them – our reputation depends on it!

Experienced service staff

Long term employees help serve our
customers by making appropriate recom-
mendations to applications and assisting
in developing cost effective solutions.


Global business strategies

Jorgensen helps customers accomplish
their objectives worldwide by manufacturing,
assembling and servicing its products
through locations in the United States and  
the Czech Republic .
We also have a
distributer in Mexico
to meet the needs of
our customers in Mexico and Latin America.