Jorgensen's Mag-Drag® Conveyors Help Advics-Ohio Save on Production Costs

 Advics–Ohio, Inc excels in the manufacture of automotive component parts, producing high
quality disc brake calipers and antilock braking system control modulator units for over 20
different  vehicles for the world’s leading auto manufacturers.

These products are machined using cast iron and nodular iron and these materials can cause
special problems for chip removal.  That is why Advics' engineering team decided to
replace their old magnetic roller conveyors with the
Jorgensen Mag-Drag® magnetic bed drag
flight conveyor
.  They perform very well with little or no maintenance required,” says Robb
Peffer, Assistant Manager of Machining Engineering. "As a supplier, Jorgensen is very easy
to work with

Mag-Drag® design is different from both standard magnetic conveyor or drag flight conveyors.
cast iron chips and fines flow with the coolant onto the load section of the conveyor. Gravity
causes larger chips to settle to the bottom, while finer chips (still in suspension) are attracted
by a series of magnets located underneath the conveyor. All of the chips are then conveyed out
by the drag cleats.

                  Mag Drag         
         How does the Jorgensen
Mag-Drag® conveyor help Advics-Ohio save money? 

  • Reduced build-up of fine iron chips in clean tank results in less downtime for cleaning. 
  • Cleaner coolant improves machining accuracy and prolongs tool life.

  • Cleaner coolant reduces the costs of coolant replacement and coolant disposal.

  • Reduced plugging of through-the-tool or through-the-spindle coolant holes reduces 
     the possibility of tool breakage, workpiece damage and unscheduled downtime.


                      Unique chip catch tray          

 All of the conveyors Jorgensen makes for Advics-Ohio are also designed with a unique
catch tray under the discharge opening
that allows the chip hoppers to be emptied without
shutting down the machine.
"Yes," says Robb, "Jorgensen is a vendor that provides value,
we will work with them again."

                                                  Jorgensen's Mag Drag Conveyors 


What Our Customers are Saying


“Jorgensen’s strengths are quality – which
has always been good, and service – which
is terrific. Jorgensen also stocks an inventory
of 30-40 chip conveyors for us. That definitely
helps us out – in fact it's the only way we can
do it – we just don't have room for them here.
We’ve used Jorgensen Conveyors for over
20 years and I’m perfectly happy with them.”
Bob Mardis
Mazak Corporation

“Jorgensen’s conveyor cleans out the chips
better than some of the other conveyors we’re
using. We’re very impressed with the quality
of the conveyors and the speed of delivery.
It’s just a couple of days from order to deliver
rather than waiting weeks ... that makes our
customers very happy.”
Wes Daughaday
Kitamura Machinery USA

“Other machines have given us headaches
in the past. The Jorgensen conveyors make
life easy. We buy it we install it and we forget
about it. It (the Jorgensen conveyor) works the
first time– every time. As an OEM that is very
important to us.”
Fred Schaefer
Klingelhofer Corp

“We’ve been using Jorgensen Conveyors
since the early ‘80’s. They are a very
established and excellent manufacturer
of high quality conveyors. The small part
and slug conveyors we use have a very
good life and work very, very well. Not
known to be the least expensive, but the
product lives up to our every expectation.”
Lee KindgrenW. A. Whitney 

“Jorgensen has always been there with new
ideas when we needed them. We are happy
with their support and with the quick
turnaround they give us on quotes. We are
very happy with the product's reliability and
with their support.”
Himat Patel
Hurco Manufacturing

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