Jorgensen Chip Conveyor Still Running Well After Over 30 Years in Production

U.S. Axle of Pottstown, PA has been making high quality solid steel axle shafts, cylinders, torsion bars
and tubes for over 80 years.   These are large diameter, heavy manufacturing parts for industries such
as Agricultural, Construction, Heavy Truck, Rail, Down Hole Markets, Automotive, Government, Mining,
Natural Gas, Oil, and Racing. Each CNC machining center has its own crane to lift the 1000 plus pound

In about 1980, Andrew Lenart, Maintenance Supervisor at U.S. Axle contacted Jorgensen Conveyors to
design and create a two conveyor system solution to collect the steel chips from an Okuma Howa
Horizontal Machining center.  One flat belt conveyor was fitted into the machine to pull out the chips and
the second brought them up and out to a hopper.  This machine operated for many years before it finally
wore out, but the conveyors were still running fine and showing almost no wear.  “The conveyors
outlasted the machines they were purchased for,” says Andrew.

Today, that 30+ year old conveyor is running on a newer, even larger Okuma Machining center which
operates  8-12 hours per day; 7 days a week.  Andy says, “It’s Fantastic, I don’t have to do a thing to
Andy has been with U.S. Axle for 30 years and seen a lot of equipment come and go.  None has
held up better than the Jorgensen Conveyor. 

Now, business is strong again at the company and a chip conveyor is needed to replace one that came
with an Okuma LC-30 Horizontal Lathe/Turning Machine, but wore out quickly.  Andy has turned to
Jorgensen again to find another long lasting conveyor system to solve his chip removal problems
for the next 30+ years!



                                               30+ Years in operation and still working great! 


         1 1/2 in pitch Jorgensen Conveyor for US Axel  

                                                 New  11/2 in Pitch Chip Conveyor for US Axle 

                                               Designed and Built at our Mequon, WI Headquarters 


 US Axel Old Conveyor  US Axel New Conveyor 

            Old Conveyor (Other Manufacturer)                                    New Jorgensen Chip Conveyor 


It is now up and running with zero problems. It fit like a glove and hookup was no problem, " Says Andy Lenart,
  "Next time we need a conveyor your company will be considered again."  





What Our Customers are Saying


“Jorgensen’s strengths are quality – which
has always been good, and service – which
is terrific. Jorgensen also stocks an inventory
of 30-40 chip conveyors for us. That definitely
helps us out – in fact it's the only way we can
do it – we just don't have room for them here.
We’ve used Jorgensen Conveyors for over
20 years and I’m perfectly happy with them.”
Bob Mardis
Mazak Corporation

“Jorgensen’s conveyor cleans out the chips
better than some of the other conveyors we’re
using. We’re very impressed with the quality
of the conveyors and the speed of delivery.
It’s just a couple of days from order to deliver
rather than waiting weeks ... that makes our
customers very happy.”
Wes Daughaday
Kitamura Machinery USA

“Other machines have given us headaches
in the past. The Jorgensen conveyors make
life easy. We buy it we install it and we forget
about it. It (the Jorgensen conveyor) works the
first time– every time. As an OEM that is very
important to us.”
Fred Schaefer
Klingelhofer Corp

“We’ve been using Jorgensen Conveyors
since the early ‘80’s. They are a very
established and excellent manufacturer
of high quality conveyors. The small part
and slug conveyors we use have a very
good life and work very, very well. Not
known to be the least expensive, but the
product lives up to our every expectation.”
Lee KindgrenW. A. Whitney 

“Jorgensen has always been there with new
ideas when we needed them. We are happy
with their support and with the quick
turnaround they give us on quotes. We are
very happy with the product's reliability and
with their support.”
Himat Patel
Hurco Manufacturing

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