Quality Policy Statement Jorgensen Conveyors

  • Customer Satisfaction. Through employee participation and empowerment, we will establish
    quality policies,procedures and instructions to ensure that  the designs, products and services
    offered by the Company consistently satisfy our customers' needs.
  •  Compliance with the policies, procedures, and instructions established by the Company.
     Deviations  from documented policies and procedures will be corrected and action taken
     to prevent deviations  from occurring again.
  • Continuous Improvement  We believe that compliance with our procedures will foster an 
    environment that is constantly improving and driving customer satisfaction
  • Quality Planning our disciplined approach demands that all inquires receive prompt attention
    to determine customer requirements



ISO 9001:2008 Certified  

 ISO Logo 2016 


  The international standard of excellence  
  certifying our commitment to a controlled 
  design and manufacturing process.