Markets Served

Today, Milwaukee, Wisconsin based Jorgensen Conveyors is the leading supplier of conveyors
in the United States for metal cutting machine tool chip removal.  We provide solutions for the full
range of applications on all types of CNC metal cutting machines with our lines of conveyor and
filtration products. Jorgensen's large size conveyors are perfect for the needs of the recycling
. Our affiliate in India provides our complete line of products to the Indian market.

Our machine tool customers include the OEM machine builders, importers of machines built
outside the U.S., distributors and end users in metal working manufacturing.  End  users come
from major manufacturing sectors such as automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, appliance
and contract machine shops.
  Jorgensen has been furnishing chip conveyors for machine tools
for over 65 years.  Jorgensen provides conveyor and material handling solutions to a broad base
of other markets in the metalworking industries for these operations:

  • Assembly  
  • Chip Processing 
  • Coating  
  • Die Casting  
  • Forging 
  • Heat Treating  
  • Inspection 
  • Labeling  
  • Metal Parts Handling 
  • Metal Stamping Scrap  
  • Packaging  
  • Pallet and Skid Handling 
  • Quenching  
  • Recycling  
  • Steel Sheet/Bar Handling 
  • Weighing  
  • Welding 
  • Whole Plant Chip Removal Systems 

      All Jorgensen products are custom designed and manufactured per
      customer and application requirements


Mission, Focus, and Guiding Principles

Mission Statement: 

 We strive to achieve total customer
by continuously improving our 
products, service and manufacturing techniques. 

Strong technical support, quality workman-
ship and competitive pricing
will convince
our customers that Jorgensen is the low
total cost supplier. 


 • Our people will generate the changes
needed for improvement through empower-
ment and teamwork.  
The ways in which work is accomplished
will be continuously analyzed for process

 • Our business will be conducted with 
fairness and honesty toward customers,
employees, suppliers and the community.  

 • Our customers are the people that keep
 us in business.
 Their total satisfaction is
our top priority.

Guiding  Principles: 


 • Customers are the focus of everything 
we do.
 • Quality comes first.
 • Suppliers are our partners.
 • Fairness and honesty should never be
 • We must continuously improve.
 • We must work together, using teamwork &
 • New ideas are the lifeblood of our business.
 • Less experienced people need to be 
mentored and coached.
 • Safety affects quality, we need to be vigilant.
•  Respect for our community is at the heart 
of our business conduct.