MunchMan® II - Handle Heavy Chip Loads


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The MunchMan® II Features a Unique Twin-Cleated Belt Design


The MunchMan® II  hinged steel belt conveyor, was designed specifically to handle
heavy chip loads with large stringy chips and balls of chips generated in milling and
turning applications where high work piece stock removal rates exist. The MunchMan® II
has been well received and is performing well in our customers' facilities.

                                      Watch the MunchMan® in Action   

    The MunchMan®II has been well received and is performing in our customers' facilities.

    When asked, one customer says, “All is well with the MunchMan®.  The operator for that
    machine loves it. We have put it through the ringer several times and it did great!” 
    Another said, "We are loving it! So far, absolutely no breakdowns and it has spit out large
    watermelon sized stringers."

    "The physical effect of two cleated moving belts compressing and moving the difficult long stringy

    chips and larger chip volumes is dramatic when compared to traditional single belt conveying 

    systems," says Friedrich Bitterwolf, Director of Engineering.

    The MunchMan® II can be designed to effectively fit into most of today’s CNC lathes and
    machining centers, and has little or no effect on the space required vs. traditional single
    belt chip conveyors.

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