MunchMan II Conveyor

10% discount on select Jorgensen key products!

June 23, 2020 6:44 pm

Jorgensen Conveyors CARES about manufacturing in the U.S. and is doing our best to help businesses in this time of crisis by offering special discounts to assist our customers in maintaining your equipment.  A temporary slowdown in the business cycle is a great time to maintain or upgrade your chip and filtration solutions so you are 100% ready for the next upturn in the business cycle.

Hurry, offer ends July 30th!  Jorgensen Conveyors is offering a 10%* discount on several of our key products.  Simply add promo code CARES to your purchase order to the receive the discount.

*10% discount is for End Users only

MunchMan® II Conveyor

EcoFilter® Conveyor

Mag-Drag® Conveyor

UVS EcoLogic® Control


Now is the time for Conveyor Maintenance and Replacements!  


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