Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor 1.5” Pitch

Chip Conveyor Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor

A durable chip conveyor with a low profile that makes them ideal for handling small parts,  stampings, scrap, chips, turnings, material wet or dry, horizontal or elevating, single or multiple unit systems –  hinged steel belt conveyor

  • All hinged steel belt conveyors are custom fabricated to customer’s requirements to insure proper fit. Belt width: 3″ to 24″ as required. Frame: Formed 12 gauge steel
  • Conveyors can be built with coolant reservoir for machine tool application where cutting oil and coolant is involved. Tank configuration per customer’s requirements
  • Ideal for machine tool chip and scrap removal – Chip Conveyor
  • 3 types of design configurations: perforated, pimpled or plain belts available
  • Powder coating and wet paint color options available
  • For complete design flexibility you get a choice of conveyor type with any reasonable length legs and angles, belt design and width, and drive systems with optional safety equipment.
  • Available in an X-Treme Duty Conveyor design for tough applications.
  • Request for Quote – Detailed
  • Integral Tank
    • High Pressure coolant system
    • Pumps/plumbing/coolant transfer
    • Downstream Filtration
    • Tramp oil skimmers
    • Coolant Chillers/heat exchangers
  • Complete electronics/UVS-Ecologic® Controls with Jam Manager® for the ultimate in conveyor control
ISO 9001 Certified Jorgensen Conveyors is a member of AMT