Laser Cutting

Jorgensen offers specially designed conveyor solutions for your laser cutting application. Laser cutting presents many unique challenges for scrap removal. Lasers produce very abrasive fines and scrap of all sizes and shapes. These materials lead to high wear in conventional conveyorized systems. Jorgensen has designed a laser conveyor to minimize this wear by utilizing AR 400 tracking and especially hardened key components. The result is a conveyor with dramatically increased service life.

In addition, many times conveyors installed under laser machines are difficult to access for required maintenance or replacement. Jorgensen can design your conveyor to be a one piece construction, or in segments with flange connections to facilitate installation or maintenance without having to move you pallet shuttle table. Often times the horizontal scrap conveyor discharges into a lo- profile tray. These trays can fill up fast and are difficult to empty. To solve this problem, Jorgensen has designed a small elevating conveyor that will carry your scrap up to a higher elevation and into a larger scrap bin. This dramatically reduces the time spent tending the small trays and can also carry scrap and parts out to the zone protected by a light curtain. As with our horizontal laser conveyors, these elevating conveyors incorporate the same rugged construction that will result in superior service life.

As with all Jorgensen products, we offer a full range of controls and accessories to help you maximize the productivity of your operation.

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