Complete Customized Controls

Jorgensen provides complete custom controls (designed to customer needs) or retro-fit controls (mating to existing machine) for your conveyor or filtration equipment. Our controls designer will work with you to meet your application.

  • Designed to customer specifications & requirements
  • Options to fit with existing equipment

Complete Custom Controls Package 

  • Full PLC process control
  • UVS-EcoLogic® VFD
  • Analog/Digital sensors (level, flow, pressure, limit, temperature, position, distance)
  • FWD/REV contactors with motor overload protection
  • DC power setup
  • Operator Interface (Push Buttons, Selector Switches, Pilot Lights, Potentiometers)
  • Relay logic controls

Retro-Fit (mating to existing machine controls) 

  • Junction box terminals to match current wires
  • Designed for plug and play
  • Various plugs/connectors can be provided to fit into existing machine receptacles
  • Replace FWD/REV motor contactors with UVS-EcoLogic® VFD for expanded control
  • Communicate with customer I/O

Jorgensens’ control options are endless.  We work with our customers to engineer the solution that works best for them.

Jorgensen’s Conveyors/Filtration Products

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