Each of our conveyor and machine tool filtration products are custom made based on exact fit and application considerations. Our sales and engineering professionals work closely with our machine tool OEM’s, distributors and end user customers to ensure that our products successfully meet their design and manufacturing requirements.

As the technology has advanced, Jorgensen has kept pace by offering custom solutions to meet the evolving chip removal, filtration and metal handling requirements of these operations. Our skilled engineers create designs using SolidWorks that will successfully solve your application need. We have a state of the art manufacturing facility, ISO 9001 Certification, lean manufacturing processes for minimized costs and “just in time” delivery of our products. Also, our controls options are virtually endless.

Virtually all of our products are custom made for our customer’s specific size and application needs.

    Telescoping Conveyor used to load trailers.Shuttle Conveyor to load large outdoor truck


Weldement steel tank for many purposes   Custom made frame for telescoping conveyorFrames for Telescoping conveyors.