Chip Processing Systems

Chip processing

Scrap Processing Equipment

Jorgensen and SFH complete scrap processing equipment reduce chip volume and reclaim cutting fluid for recycling.  An integrated solution consists of a set of individual processes determined by the customer’s specific application. A scrap processing system starts with the collection of chips/swarf and moves through elements such as conveyors, shredders, chip wringers and briquette presses to provide the desired outcome. End users will receive an optimized metal processing machine that increases the value of machining scrap for reuse or recycling.

Advantages of scrap recycling equipment include:

  • Reclamation of expensive cutting fluids for additional machining operations – creating a circular economy
  • More time to focus on core business while offering advanced productivity with innovative technical chip processing solutions
  • Greatly reduced waste transportation requirements and associated costs
  • Increased the value of processed chips for recycling purposes
  • Environmentally conscious by ensuring measurable quality of treated waste to improve control and traceability

Combining chip processing equipment in a complete system maximizes efficiency through automation. Chip processing increases value of recyclables and reduces the need for manual labor.

All of our chip processing items can be configured to create a custom chip processing system. If you are looking for a complete chip handling solution, contact our team of industry experts.

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