Scrap Handling

Jorgensen offers a complete line of engineered conveyor solutions for your stand-alone Scrap Handling application or Central System. To accommodate the wide variety of scrap handling situations found in industry, Jorgensen offers the widest choice of belt materials in the market. These include hinged steel belts, drag flight / scraper chains, combo-belts, engineered chain, slat, wire mesh or multi-ply belts. Belts can be manufactured in a variety of widths ranging from 3” to 96”, and lengths from a few feet to hundreds of feet. Conveyors can be horizontal or elevate to 50 feet or more.

In the metalworking industry, scrap handling is a critical process for efficiently managing metal chips, swarf, and other waste materials generated during machining, cutting, or forming operations. Conveyors used for scrap handling in the metalworking industry need to be robust, reliable, and capable of handling heavy loads of metal waste.

Whether the material to be handled is light or heavy, hot or cold, large or small, wet or dry, Jorgensen has a solution for you. All of our conveyor products can incorporate state of the art controls and sensor technologies to optimize your scrap handling systems performance.

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