Total Chip Processing

Chip Processing and Metal Recycling Equipment

Jorgensen, along with our partner S.F.H., provides industry leading conveyors, shredders, wringers, and briquette presses. These products can be used as standalone solutions or built into larger complete processing systems with infeed augers, transfer conveyors, chip hoppers, bin tippers, and more. Our partnership allows us to add metal recycling products to our existing lines of chip conveyors and coolant filtration equipment. As a result, Jorgensen is a one stop shop for metal recycling equipment, chip processing and coolant recycling systems.

With aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, steel and other metals, a volume reduction of up to 90% is possible. Volume reduction represents significant cost savings in labor, increased scrap value and ability to reuse cutting fluids.  Reduced disposal, transportation and storage costs are possible with a complete metal recycling or chip processing system. Metal briquettes are also a preferred option for most recyclers. As a result, briquettes are usually worth more than the non-processed equivalent.

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