Jorgensen offers a complete line of engineered conveyor solutions for your casting application. We can provide a variety of belt types in a wide range of widths to meet your specific application. These conveyors can be used for handling parts of all temperatures and sizes and weights. Typically, these conveyors are designed as unit handling conveyors and can be used in cooling, quenching, heat treating or just moving parts from one point to another. The conveyors can be horizontal in design or inclined to elevate materials, and they can be from a few feet to hundreds of feet in length with up to 50 feet of elevation change. Conveyors to be pit mounted, floor mounted, tank mounted, submerged in coolants or quench tanks, or passing through heat treat ovens. Whether the metal material to be handled is light or heavy, hot or cold, large or small, wet or dry, Jorgensen can design the right conveyor for your casting application.

As with all of our conveyors, Jorgensen offers a wide range of control and sensor technology to maximize the quality and productivity of your casting operation.

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