Double Shaft Shredder

Shredding is often a necessary phase to ensure the performances and the lifetime of the chips disposal systems, especially before centrifuging or briquetting. Jorgensen/SFH shredders are built to fit your material and desired chip output. Shredders are equipped with removable steel blades arranged on a splined shaft. Combs on the shredders frame guide the chips while multiple rotating blades cut them to the desired size.

  • Single and dual shaft options available
  • Volume output varies by application. Range of 20-500 kg/hr. for aluminum chips
  • Assembly driven by a gear motor reducer decreases speed and increase torque
  • Hardened steel screen plate underneath the shaft ensures shredded chips are within a given size

Sustainable economic benefits

Smaller chips result in a higher density of scrap metal leaving your facility. Fewer truckloads are needed to transport scrap metal out, resulting in lower labor and fuel costs. Finely shredded or briquetted chips have a higher market value per volume of recycled chips and comply well with most regional environmental requirements. Contact us for more details


  • Space saving
  • Robust and simple construction Simple maintenance
  • Rapid return in investment
  • Allows to densify the chips


  • A higher market value for your shredded chips for their reclamation in recycling channel thanks to chips densification.
  • Volume reduction, therefore limited CO2 emissions (fewer trucks and reduced transport costs).
  • Calibration with Hardox screen plates or rotating sieves (specific grain size guaranteed).
  • Productivity and performance contract overtime.
  • Environmental requirements compliance and increased workers safety.


Specifications Single Shaft Shredder




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