Chip Conveyors and Material Handling Equipment

We have over 70 years of experience designing and fabricating chip conveyors and material handling equipment for machine tool, metal working and material handling industries. Each of our conveyors are rugged, high-quality, long-lasting and can be custom-built to meet your needs.

Having the correct metal chip conveyor for your application can have a huge impact on your business. We offer a variety of filtration and chip processing options. These can be combined into a complete solution to meet the requirements of the application.

Benefits of having a conveyor system designed for the application:

  • Decreased down time
  • Reduced coolant carry out
  • Eliminate chip jams
  • Safer work environment
  • Turn your metal scrap into additional profit

Jorgensen excels at providing innovative, often custom, chip conveyors and chip processing systems. As a result, Jorgensen is the preferred source of metal chip conveyors for many industry leading machine tool manufacturers and distribution centers.

We are capable of building chip conveyors and material handling equipment of just about any size. In addition, multiple conveyor belt options are offered to meet a variety of applications. Above all, Jorgensen is a one stop shop for all of your industrial conveyor and coolant filtration needs.

Contact our team of industry experts for a complete analysis of your application and a competitive quote.