ShuttlePro Conveyor

Steel Belt Shuttle Conveyor

The flexible Jorgensen ShuttlePro conveyor system moves forward and backward on an electronically-controlled rail system.  Additionally, the conveyor belt also can run in either direction for discharge of chip scrap on either end of the conveyor.  ShuttlePro is the ideal solution for automated level loading of chips into large in-plant central collection containers or truck trailers.


  • Heavy duty 2.5P chain and belt components on shuttle conveyor
  • Pimpled belt plates to relieve scrap surface tension
  • Hardened track for wear resistance
  • Direct drive motor with VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) to adjust speed
  • Dual motorized trolleys to move shuttle conveyor to needed positions
  • Overhead mountable frame (sized to fit required shuttle conveyor)
  • Large baffles to retain chips on shuttle conveyor

ShuttlePro in action – Video

Customer Case Story

  • Designed for weather-resistant applications
  • Customizable control options available
  • Can be fitted with impact bars and plates for large heavy scrap parts
  • Indoor/Outdoor Large Volume Scrap Handling
  • Scrap transferred to large dumpsters that require even leveling


This ShuttlePro Conveyor is being used to place metal chips evenly onto the trailer for easier disposal. This customer was manually moving the chips in the trailer to level them.

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