Machine Coolant Supply Pumps

FlexFiltration pumps

Machine tools place a wide range of demands related to the supply of machine coolant, rinsing, machine bed flushing, the filter back washing and external and internal cooling of tools. Pressure and volumes vary greatly, depending on the requirement and depending on the condition of the pre-filtered and clean coolant. The operating principles of the pumps vary as well: centrifugal pumps with semi-open impellers are used for rinsing and filling, whereas the medium and high pressure range, centrifugal pumps with closed impellers or screw spindle pumps are used. Machines which are connected to a central system require a lifting pump in order to pump dirty fluid to the central filter system.

  • Small and compact for external cooling
  • Medium pressure requirements up to 50 bar for internal cooling
  • High pressure of up to 200 bar
  • Uncontrolled or controlled, designed for optimum energy usage
  • Can be used on any conveyor system
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