Central Systems

Jorgensen offers a complete line of engineered conveyors and filtration equipment for your Central Coolant Filtration System application. These systems typically provide filtration for several machines located throughout a manufacturing facility and can range in size from less than 100 GPM to several thousand. Coolant is usually pumped from a trash transfer tank at each individual machine to the central filter via overhead piping. It can also be sent to the filter by way of troughs or flumes located in the plant floor. Coolant can also be transferred via the scrap handling conveyors themselves.

Our engineers will design a system that will best utilize the space available and keep costs and maintenance to a minimum. These systems can use a wide variety of filter and conveyor types and can be designed to incorporate coolant make-up systems, chillers, tramp oil separators magnetic drums and other accessories to meet your specific requirements. All of our conveyor and filter products can incorporate state of the art controls and various sensor technologies to optimize your central coolant filtration system’s performance.

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