X-Treme Duty Conveyors

Extra durable hinged belt conveyor

Highly Durable Conveyors for Tough Conditions

X-Treme Duty hinged belt chip conveyors have many robust enhancements. Wear-resistant steel (AR400) and through-hardened components throughout ensure durability. These conveyors typically last 3 times longer (or more) than standard conveyors in tough conditions and 24/7 machining operations. They excel in applications machining high alloy, hardened steel, cast iron, steel with .045 carbon content or greater and highly abrasive granular chips.

  • Abrasion resistant steel used for conveyor belt tracking and belt skirting in the lower curve
  • Special “inverted V” carrying cleats on belt so curly chips don’t hang on to cleats at conveyor discharge
  • Heavy duty metal chain guard for robust protection
  • Heavier gauge incline cover plates and fasteners to secure cover plates
  • Induction hardened belt connecting pins (axles)
  • Belt apron plate hinge loop opening welded for more strength
  • Two durable copper cleats to keep the inside of the conveyor clean
  • Two serrated edge cleats to effectively remove tough long stringy chips
  • Hardened tail hubs – normally a high wear area
  • Head-shaft is milled at shaft end to provide an assist in clearing jams
  • Chip comb at discharge end of conveyor assists in getting stringy chips to dump from conveyor effectively
  • Additional clearance at bottom of conveyor load section to minimize wear inside the conveyor frame
  • Heavy duty lifting lugs for effective conveyor handling
  • AR 400 Tracks
  • 1.5” and 2.5” Pitch Belt Sizes Available
  • 4 types of design configurations  Conveyor Configurations


Chip Removal (Alloys, Abrasives and Hardened Steel)

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