UVS EcoLogic® Control

UVS control

Conveyor Controls for Maximizing Efficiency

The UVS EcoLogic® conveyor control provides maximum performance and efficiency for chip removal operations. Systems equipped with a UVS Ecologic Control save energy, decrease conveyor wear, and reduce coolant carryout. Conveyor control systems provide speed change, direction change, motor protection, external I/O & the patented Jam Manager® programming – all from a single unit.

The UVS serves as a complete conveyor control panel. Additionally, these can be used alongside custom controls unique to the user’s conveyor system needs.

  • Multiple power source options
  • Ability to interface with the machine tool with optional I/O connection
  • IP66-rated enclosure for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy operator interface
  • Timer setting – on/off cycles through Intermittent Mode Programming to reduce coolant carryout
  • Jam Manager® – automated program to clear minor jams for reduced machine downtime
  • Load monitoring to protect conveyor components from torque spikes that could occur during a jam
  • Variable speeds:
    • Minimize conveyor wear
    • Save energy
    • Reduce coolant carryout
  • Overload current setting up to full load amps of the motor
  • Can be interfaced with machine tool control
  • Retrofittable to conveyor
  • Easy operator interface with four function keys
  • Analog inputs for speed control (pump/conveyor speeds can run proportionally to tank levels/pressure)
  • Variable speeds: reverse and forward Adjust conveyor speed to meet load demand
  • UVS EcoLogic® Control is a “Green Manufacturing” product providing energy efficient conveyor operation
  • I/O board for remote push buttons, speed control & PLC communication
  • Provides constant load monitoring to protect conveyor motor & drive train
  • OEM or field retrofit
  • 8-pin I/O connection
  • Common voltage options:
    • 5HP – 1.5HP, 110V 1Ø 50/60Hz (230V 3Ø Output)
    • 5HP – 25HP, 208/230V 3Ø 50/60Hz
    • 1HP – 50HP, 400/460V 3Ø 50/60Hz
  • Patented Jam Manager® Pre-Programming automatically attempts to clear minor conveyor jams on its own and constantly monitors the load.  It has variable speeds to meet conveyor load demand.  Increased productivity, reduced coolant carry out and extended conveyor lifespan are benefits of this patented control functionality.
    • Clears & prevents jams automatically
    • Available on all configurations
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