MunchMan® – Twin Belt Conveyors

Twin steel belt MunchMan Conveyor by Jorgensen

The unique dual belt conveyor design of the MunchMan® Twin Belt Chip Conveyor manages the heaviest chip loads better than traditional hinged belt conveyors. Ideally suited to  high production, high metal removal rate applications where stringy and balls of chips can be typical.


  • 1.5” and 2.5” pitch belt sizes available
  • Design employs a unique dual, stacked belt arrangement at the lower curve, through the incline and at the chip discharge
  • Single drive running both belts for efficient operation
  • AR400 wear resistant steel used in all wear areas of conveyor
  • Serrated & Inverted V cleats on belts
  • Full speed control functionality with current overload sensor using our UVS Ecologic® Control programming safety device
  • Customer chip samples are tested in our lab for proper belt spacing
  • Conveyors can be built with coolant reservoir for machine tool application where cutting oil and coolant is involved
  • Drainage options include coolant drain holes or slots to suit application
  • PermaClean – maintenance free coolant tank
  • FlexForce – high pressure coolant system
  • Pump/ plumbing/ coolant transfer
  • Tramp oil skimmers
  • Coolant chillers/ heat exchangers
  • Watch the MunchMan® manage difficult chip loads
  • See how the MunchMan® solved a challenging problem of long and stringy chips which had jammed single belt conveyors
  • Another customer success story using the MunchMan® to remove hazardous chip waste by 75% in rail car production

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Customer Case Story
Customer Case Story

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