Conveyors for Laser Cutting Machines

The Laser-Veyor is designed for efficient removal of scrap from laser cutting machines. These laser conveyors meet the demanding requirements of handling abrasive metal fines, dust, and scrap generated in laser metal cutting applications. Laser-Veyors serve as primary scrap removal conveyors to move scrap from below the laser machine enclosure. Metal laser cutting conveyors feature AR-400 tracking throughout, hardened axels, and flame cut sprockets ensure durability for a long service life.

Jorgensen builds laser cutting conveyors in 1.5″ and 2.5″ hinged steel belt options. Each Laser-Veyor also includes a UVS Ecologic control for optimal performance.

  • Solid pimpled belt plates to capture laser dust and relieve scrap surface tension
  • Rounded self-cleaning tail end design continuously cleans and returns laser dust to top of belt
  • Conveyor chains well-guarded from damaging laser dust and scrap
  • Conveyor belt sprockets flame cut and hardened for extra durability
  • 30° conveyor incline (or less) to prevent jamming
  • AR 400 wear resistant track components
  • Heavy duty 1.5” or 2.5” pitch chain and belt components
  • Choose length, width, and height for an accurate fit
  • Belt can be fitted with impact or heat bars on belt where application requires
  • Complete electronics/ controls and safety equipment
  • Direct shaft mount drive with UVS variable speed control

Large Iowa agricultural machinery manufacturer finds our Laser-Veyor® works great for their laser cutting operation.

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