Coolant Filtration Systems

FlexFiltration modular filtration systems combine standardized components to fit various CNC machine tools. These systems efficiently remove fine chips and grinding sludge to achieve coolant clarity down to 10 microns or less. As a result, there are fewer operator touches, longer times between tank cleaning, and significantly reduced maintenance costs.

FlexFiltration provides coolant filtration for high coolant flows, small particle sizes, and large particle loads. It effectively filters a wide range of materials including cast iron, steel, aluminum, plastic and composites. With cleaner coolant, FlexFiltration extends coolant life, increases tool life, and provides better part finishes.

Modular Pre-Engineered Designs

For more information on the FlexFiltration coolant filtration system in the field, check out our white paper.

Pictured Above: Flex G90

  • Fabricated with modular filter and tank components to meet your changing filtration requirements
  • Fine filtration to 10 microns or less
  • Can be mounted to existing coolant tanks
  • Tank size based on volume request and components required – other sizes can be designed upon request.

The FlexFiltration system comes in many standard sizes, ready to be customized with modular components. However, if your application requires something outside of a standard system, we also offer custom engineered filtration solutions. Talk to a Filtration Expert Today!

Custom Pre-Engineered Designs

Additional Options

  • PermaClean maintenance free coolant tank
  • FlexForce high pressure coolant system
  • Chillers / Heat Exchangers
  • Various Electronic Sensors (liquid level and temperature)
  • Low Profile Tanks For Grinding Applications
  • Tramp Oil Skimmers
  • High Pressure Coolant Systems
  • Control / Interface With Pumps and Other Auxiliary Equipment
  • Full Stainless Steel Available
  • Coolant Filtration
  • Central Systems
  • Oil Filtration
  • Water Filtration
  • Fluid Filtration
  • Machine Tool Coolant Filtration
  • CNC Coolant Filtration
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