Filtration Stand Alone Equipment

To meet the demands for cleaner coolant required on many of today’s metal cutting CNC machine tools, Jorgensen offers the widest range of filtration equipment solutions in the industry. We offer several proprietary primary filtration solutions including our Filterveyor permanent media gravity flow systems and consumable filter media Gravity and Vacuum based systems. FlexFiltration our customizable, modular solution provides options to meet many specific filtration requirements. Our popular, cost effective EcoFilter®, is a self-cleaning conveyor with a built in filtration cell.

Jorgensen can provide complete coolant management and filtration system integration for the machine tool including: secondary ultra-fine filtration systems, FlexForce – high pressure and low pressure coolant supply pumps, tramp oil removal, coolant make-up systems and coolant temperature control. Controls may include critical coolant and chip system sensing for at-machine or remote diagnostics as well as our custom and standard controls featuring our UVS Ecologic® Controls.  When a complete chip processing solution system is needed, we can provide integrated solutions with transfer conveyors, wringersbriquetters, etc.

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