Jorgensen’s History

Jorgensen Conveyors History 1950

1950’s – In 1950, Charles T. Jorgensen founded Jorgensen Conveyors, Inc. Jorgensen quickly began to get involved in conveyors for machine tool applications including metal belt conveyors to handle chips, turnings, and scrap. Based in Mequon, Wisconsin, Jorgensen has been creating solutions for customers with proven lines of conveyors, coolant filtration and chip processing equipment.

1960’s – The machine tool chip conveyor market grew as speeds, feeds and chip volumes increased, creating demand for automated chip handling. Jorgensen developed the patented 2-1/2″ pitch chain. Additional belt designs were developed in the 6″ and 9″ pitch sizes for larger scrap and parts handling applications.

1970’s  A 1-1/2″ pitch belt used primarily for machine tool chip conveyors was introduced for the OEM market. This development was driven by the machine tool industry’s trend for building smaller machines allowing less space for the chip conveyor. At this time, Jorgensen expanded a network of manufacturing reps across North America.

1980’s – Jorgensen built the current 100,000 square foot plant and headquarters office building in Mequon, Wisconsin.

1990’s – Jorgensen developed a line of coolant filtration solutions including the Filterveyor®, a chip removal system that addressed the coolant filtration requirements of high speed CNC metal cutting machine tools.

2000’s To gain new business and service our customers in the European market, Jorgensen established a partnership was established with Broxtec, Inc. in the Czech Republic. Jorgensen’s line of filtration systems expanded to vacuum media filtration. The company gained ISO 9001 certification.

2010’s Jorgensen began a new collaborative manufacturing and sales agreement with Sovereign Tech Engineering of Mumbai, India to provide Jorgensen conveyor and filtration product lines for the Indian Metal Working Industry. Jorgensen first introduced the MunchMan Conveyor at IMTS tradeshow in Chicago. Later this decade, Jorgensen introduced the EcoFilter®, and ShuttlePro®

2020’s To better align with product offerings, the company changed its name to Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Solutions. Shortly after, Jorgensen began a partnership with SFH in France to create a complete chip processing systems. Jorgensen launches FlexFiltration, PermaClean, and FlexForce expanding filtration options for the machine tool industry. For additional coolant automation, Jorgensen entered into a partnership with Belgium company Will-Fill. Jorgensen presented these new products at IMTS 2022.

Innovance acquires Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Solutions in 2024, making the company 100% employee owned. Check out our news page for the latest updates.