Eco Briquette Press

Small briquette press

Eco Briquetters for Total Chip Processing

Hydraulic briquetting reduces chip volume and adds value to machining waste while reclaiming cutting fluids.

The compacting chamber uses hydraulic pressure to condense the chips while pushing out the majority of the cutting fluid in the chips. Compact briquettes provide space savings resulting in reduced disposal, transportation and storage costs. Briquettes can be used directly in remelting or sold to recyclers at an increased value versus loose chips.

Briquette presses are highly effective for a variety of materials from aluminum, titanium, copper, brass, steel and other metals. Additionally, this product can be combined with Jorgensen and SFH’s other chip processing equipment to provide a complete chip handling system.

Jorgensen offers two eco briquetter options to best fit the application needs. The ER20T handles up to 44 lb/h of aluminum, 110 lb/h of steel. The ER44T handles up to 132lb/h of aluminum, 176lb/h of steel. Both models have a variety of options to choose from.

Briquettes are often preferred by recyclers, increasing the value of briquetted chips. Volume reduction of scrap metal results in reduced disposal, transportation and storage costs. Scrap metal can also be used for primary or secondary fusion with re-melting or refiners.

  • Ensure quality of treated waste for a better value with control and traceability
  • Transformation of machining sludges in briquettes directly usable in steelworks
  • Equipped with Seimens automation
  • Premium and eco-range options fit a variety of applications
  • Can be used on a variety of ferrous or non-ferrous metals
  • Built to handle metals in the form of chips, sludges, or dust

Briquette Eco Series Features/Options Chart:


small presssmall briquetter

ER-20T                        ER44T

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