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Slider Belt Conveyor

A slider belt conveyor is ideal for applications that require the transferring, sorting, separating or loading of materials including paper, plastic, metals, parts, boxes and other material handling. Adding a telescoping feature to a slider conveyor allows operators to move heavy or awkward packages into or out of a container/truck rapidly – and with little effort.

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  • Roll Idlers sit under Rubber Belt to eliminate friction and reduce wear on belt
  • Slider Bed Synthetic Bed Conveyors will accept bulk load materials from truck, bobcat or tipper as well as packages and parts handling
  • Slider Bed Synthetic Bed Conveyors are designed for minimal maintenance and a long operational life
  • Modular open construction
  • Modular bolt on side skirting
  • Belt backstop

Slider conveyors are custom designed to a specified length and width. They can also be engineered as part of a larger conveyor system.

  • Wide variety of belt widths available up to 60”
  • Conveyor Controls – Optional controls furnished with or without inverter drive
  • Two e-stop button stations provided with control
  • Troughing Style available

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