Jorgensen offers a complete line of engineered conveyor solutions for your assembly application. Conveyors are an essential part of assembly lines and are used to transport materials, components, and products between different stages of the assembly process. They facilitate the smooth and efficient movement of items, reducing manual handling and streamlining the production process. There are various types of conveyors suggested for assembly applications, each designed to suit specific needs and requirements. We offer a variety of belt surface materials: steel, chain, slat or slider bed and sizes ranging from 3” to 90” wide and lengths from a few feet to hundreds of feet. Whether the material to be handled is light or heavy, hot or cold, large or small, wet or dry, Jorgensen helps manufacturers achieve their ROI goals for lean and environmentally friendly manufacturing with our ability to effectively work with you, provide SolidWorks drawings, and deliver with lead times to meet your production needs.

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