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Auger Screw Conveyor

Auger Conveyors or Screw Conveyors are designed to remove small metal chips, fines, sludge and other bulk materials. A low-profile design makes augers and screw conveyors ideal for removing granular materials and metal chips where space is limited. Due to their simple and durable design, they are one of the most reliable methods of conveyance. They can also be used in chip processing systems, where they efficiently transport scrap from the machine to additional downstream components such as hoppers, shredders, wringers, and briquetters.

Jorgensen offers both screw conveyors and centerless screw conveyors as replacement parts or as complete conveyor systems.  All auger conveyor systems are highly customizable to meet application requirements or integration needs. Optional features include troughs, covers, motors, controls, and perforations to allow the coolant to drain. All auger conveyors are engineered to meet the users specifications for length and width, to ensure a proper fit.

  • The auger conveyor’s low profile design makes it ideal for removal of small granular materials and metal chips where space is limited
  • Features a centerless screw or auger design
  • Perforations can be incorporated  in the auger trough to allow liquid or fluid drainage
  • Engineered to meet specifications for length and width to ensure a proper fit
  • Jorgensen is able to replace existing auger flight bars for most manufacturers’ conveyors
  • Solid Shaft and Shaftless augers available
  • Can be integrated with hinged steel belt conveyor
  • Control options
  • Troughs and covers
  • Perforations
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