Drag Flight Conveyor / Scraper Conveyor

Scraper conveyor

Drag Flight Scraper Conveyors for Fine Chips and Sludge

A drag flight conveyor effectively handles fine metal particles and small broken metal chips. They work well in applications cutting steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, composites, and more. They also perform very well in high volume coolant applications.  Incorporate a Jorgensen filtration system or EcoFilter cell with a scraper conveyor system to maximize ROI.

Drag conveyors are available in a variety of sizes fit to the application. Large pitch chains and heavy-duty steel components ensure durability in high volume chip and sludge applications. A completely detachable chain design makes maintenance easy on this long-lasting conveyor.

  • Effective sludge or paste removal
  • Designed with durable wear-resistant AR400 abrasion resistant steel and through-hardened components in all high-wear areas of the conveyor
  • Metric and Pintel chain belts available
  • Excellent for sludge and paste material, broken and fine chip removal, wet or dry
  • Convertible to/from hinged steel belt conveyor
  • 4 design configurations
  • Lerge pitch chains available
  • Integrated coolant tank
  • PermaClean clean tank solutions
  • Pumps/plumbing/coolant transfer
  • Downstream filtration
  • Tramp oil skimmers, with filtration application
  • Coolant Chillers/heat exchangers with filtration applications
  • FlexForce high pressure system
  • Complete electronics/controls UVS Controls with Jam Manager® the ultimate in conveyor control.

Drag Flight Conveyor

Drag Flight Conveyor for a Plasma Cutting Application






Wedge Wire Drag Flight Chip Conveyor

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