Hydrocyclone Filter

Hydrocyclone Jorgensen Conveyors

Contaminated CNC coolant enters the coolant cleaner’s hydrocyclone filter at high velocity through the inlet opening. Using a whirl chamber, the liquid swirls downward in the conical separate chamber, its velocity increases. Solid contaminants are thrown against the walls, forced to the bottom, and discharged through a nozzle. As the whirling cleaned liquid approaches the bottom, it is unable to exit the restricted discharge nozzle. It then reverses direction, forms an inner vortex and seeks the clean liquid outlet.

  • Centrifugal separation of heavy granular solids
  • Flow rates of 20 GPM to over 1000 GPM
  • High separation efficiency
  • No filter media consumption
  • Available with dragout conveyors for heavy swarf removal
  • Creepfeed Grinding
  • Surface Grinding
  • Internal & Centerless Grinding
  • Abrasive Belt Grinding
  • Cutoff Saws
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