Hydrocyclone Filter

Cyclonic filter

Cyclonic Centrifugal Filtration

Hydrocyclone filters are an economic and environmentally conscious option with no disposable filter media. Contaminated CNC coolant enters the cyclonic filter at a high velocity through the inlet opening. The velocity of the liquid increases as it swirls downward inside the conical separating chamber. Then, solid contaminants are thrown against the walls of the chamber and forced to the bottom by centrifugal force. These solids are then discharged through a nozzle at the bottom of the filter. As the whirling cleaned liquid approaches the bottom, it is unable to exit the restricted discharge nozzle. As a result, it reverses direction, forms an inner vortex and seeks the clean liquid outlet at the top of the filter.

Hydrocyclone filters come in a variety of sizes to fit the volume and desired coolant clarity. Cyclonic filtration efficiently separates chips from coolant in FlexFiltration systems or other integrated conveyor/filtration solutions.

  • Centrifugal separation of heavy granular solids
  • Flow rates of 20 GPM to over 1000 GPM
  • High separation efficiency
  • No filter media consumption
  • Available with dragout conveyors for heavy swarf removal
  • Creepfeed Grinding
  • Surface Grinding
  • Internal & Centerless Grinding
  • Abrasive Belt Grinding
  • Cutoff Saws
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