Auger Assist Conveyor

Auger Assist Conveyor

Auger Assist Conveyor for Auger Driven Machine Tools

Many of today’s machine tools are sold with a chip auger and cone/flume as the primary chip evacuation method. As a result, they have a relatively low discharge height which can fill small chip hoppers quickly. To eliminate the need for frequent hopper unloads, Jorgensen offers the new Auger Assist conveyor. The Auger Assist’s standard 48 inch discharge height allows for the use of larger chip bins or additional conveyor systems. This allows the machine to handle a higher chip volume and decreases labor involved with chip hopper management. Jorgensen’s Auger Assist conveyor is adjustable to fit many machine tool makes and models.

The Auger Assist has an adjustable metal chute that can be rotated 90 degrees, both directions, to allow for a left, right, or straight forward discharge. Therefore, saving valuable floor space. The load chute offers 7 inches of height adjustment to adapt to many machine tool models. This product also features a coolant collection area and a drain plug to reclaim coolant. Due to its small size and swivel wheels, this machine can easily be moved for maintenance or cleaning. The Auger Assist is pre-engineered, resulting in quick delivery times.

If your application requires something outside our standard design, don’t worry, we offer custom engineered solutions as well. Contact our conveyor experts!

  • UVS control system
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