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Magnetic belt industrial conveyor - Jorgensen

Magnetic Conveyors for Ferrous Materials

Magnetic belt chip conveyors are a low maintenance solution for moving wet or dry ferrous materials such as small chips, fines, small parts and stamping slugs.

All magnetic conveyors are made with submersible water-tight construction that is totally enclosed. Magnets located under a stainless-steel slider plate attract iron material and particles, then carry them up the incline. No moving external parts makes magnetic conveyors a safe, maintenance friendly option.

Jorgensen offers special designs for difficult wet fines applications. They are effective in heavy oil and grease applications. Rare earth magnets provide maximum strength for high volume applications. Jorgensen custom fabrication includes conveyor configuration, leg length, incline angle, chain design and width, drive system components, optional safety equipment and coolant reservoirs.

  • Heavy duty stainless steel top cover/slider plates
  • Totally enclosed, no moving parts or belts to replace
  • Self-adjusting chain tensioning device
  • Carry wet or dry material at steep angles
  • Submersible water-tight construction
  • Complete electricals/control options available including UVS-Ecologic® Controls for the ultimate in conveyor control
  • Rare earth or ceramic magnets
  • 4 types of design configurations

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