Conveyor Belt Cleaners – The ChipBlocker®

Chip conveyor belt cleaners

The Chip Blocker®, a primary conveyor belt cleaner or pre-cleaner can be an essential part of any conveyor system. The ChipBlocker® conveyor belt cleaner removes chip and scrap metal product carry back and prevents it from falling off at various points of the conveyor along the return side of the belt causing various machine tool housekeeping and conveyor belt maintenance problems

  • Carry back can lead to excessive buildup and wear on conveyor belt idlers and pulleys
  • Prevents conveyor belt misalignment due to the artificial crown created by the carry back
  • Designed to flush the chips off the underside of the conveyor belt after the chip discharge point, but before the belt returns to the inside of the conveyor housing
  • The conveyor belt returns into the conveyor housing free of any chips, thus eliminating the opportunity for significant migration of chips into the machine tool coolant supply tank
  • Typically, only about 1.5 gallons per minute of coolant flow is all that is required for proper performance of the ChipBlocker® conveyor belt cleaner unit
  • The chip basket is removable and easily accessible. Periodically, the operator would remove the basket by hand and dump out the accumulated chips
  • Can be used on any conveyor system 1.5″ or 2.5″ pitch belting
  • Pumps

Video of the system in action!

ChipBlocker® Critical Dimensions Worksheet

ChipBlocker® Installation

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