Mag-Drag® Conveyors – for Ferrous Metals

MagDrag Magnetic chip drag conveyor

Jorgensen’s highly cost effective MagDrag® Conveyor design uses a powerful magnet assembly, located underneath the conveyor’s load and lower curve sections, to attract and hold broken or fine cast iron or other ferrous chips that are otherwise difficult to separate and remove in high coolant flow metal cutting applications.

  • Stainless steel, cleated drag chain sizes  1.5” and  2.5” pitch
  • Designed with durable  AR400 abrasion resistant steel and through-hardened components in all high-wear areas of the conveyor
  • Reduced buildup of fine chips in clean tank and less downtime for cleaning
  • Cleaner coolant improves machining accuracy and prolongs tool life
  • Cleaner coolant reduces the costs of coolant replacement and disposal
  • May handle high flow applications, dependent on size
  • 2 types of design configurations
  • Integrated Tank
    • High Pressure coolant system
    • Pumps/ plumbing/coolant transfer
    • Downstream Filtration
    • Tramp oil skimmers
  • Complete electricals/controls

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