MagDrag Magnetic chip drag conveyor

Magnetic Drag Flight Conveyors for Ferrous Metals

The Mag-Drag® is a combination of magnetic and drag style conveyors. It’s more effective at ferrous fine chip removal than traditional hinged belt or drag flight conveyors in high coolant flow rate applications.

Powerful magnets, located underneath the conveyor’s load and lower curve sections, attract and hold chips until cleats scrape them away. Mag-Drag® conveyors are custom engineered to meet specifications for length and width to ensure a proper fit to most CNC metal cutting machines. Each conveyor has a unique pattern of individually placed magnets to optimize carryout.

The magnetic separation of chips from coolant results in cleaner coolant improving machining accuracy and prolonging tool life. Cleaner coolant also reduces the costs of coolant replacement and disposal.

The Mag-Drag® comes in drag chain sizes in 1.5″ and 2.5″ pitch with stainless steel cleats.

  • Stainless steel, cleated drag chain sizes  1.5” and  2.5” pitch
  • Designed with durable  AR400 abrasion resistant steel and through-hardened components in all high-wear areas of the conveyor
  • Reduced buildup of fine chips in clean tank and less downtime for cleaning
  • Cleaner coolant improves machining accuracy and prolongs tool life
  • Cleaner coolant reduces the costs of coolant replacement and disposal
  • May handle high flow applications, dependent on size
  • 2 types of design configurations

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