Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyor - Jorgensen Conveyor

Jorgensen’s Chain Conveyor or leaf-chain conveyor excels at moving heavy parts in forging applications. It can convey billets, steel tube, pipe material, sheet steel, and parts in assembly operations. Leaf chain designs provide air flow around parts ideal for cooling from overhead fans. They are generally easy to install, highly durable, and have very minimal maintenance for users.

  • Large array of sizes available (Metric & Standard dimensions) per the requirements of the application
  • Design uses a chain, or a series of chains to convey the load

Chain conveyors are engineered to meet specifications for length and width to ensure a proper fit.

  • Hydraulic or pneumatic attachments for loading or unloading
  • Complete Controls/Electricals
  • 3/8” plate, AR400 steel
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