Trash Transfer Pumps/Tanks

Coolant Transfer Pump

Specific to any machine tool application, dirty coolant transfer pumps can be designed and manufactured to fit any need or space constraint. Pumps are also available in a variety of styles. Specific horsepower, flow rate, alloy and physical size can be designed to meet your needs.

  • Can be used separately or in conjunction with a conveyor
  • Can be placed underneath machine(s) or at the end of a coolant trough
  • Designed specifically for each application
    • One tank can be used on one machine alone
    • One tank can be used for a bank of machines.  Chips and coolant are delivered to the tank via conveyor load section or coolant trough which is placed underneath the row of machines
  • Transfers dirty coolant and chips to existing central system or a filtration system supplied by Jorgensen Conveyors
  • Chip Basket / screens for pre-filtration before pump
  • A wide pump range to cover any flow working point
  • Various sensors to monitor tank level(s), coolant temperature, flow rate, etc.
  • Liquid level sight gauge
  • Standard coverplates or treaded heavy-duty coverplates, which allow operators access to machine components
  • VFD to control pump speed based on tank coolant level
  • Junction box with terminals or stand-alone controls for pump and sensors
  • Can be used on most machine tools
  • Used to pump chips and coolant to central filtration system (existing or new)
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