Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor 4” Pitch

4" pitch heavy duty hinged steel belt conveyor - Jorgensen

A large pitch conveyor designed for heavy loads and capable of moving material hundreds of feet. It is ideal for handling larger parts, stampings, scrap, metal chips, turnings, material wet or dry, horizontal or elevating, single or multiple unit systems. It is a favorite for recycling , chip processing systems and many metal manufacturing applications.

  • All hinged steel belt conveyors are custom fabricated to customer’s requirements to insure proper fit. Belt Widths: 6″ to 84″ as required. Frame: Formed 7 gauge steel
  • Designed with durable AR400 abrasion resistant steel and through-hardened components in all high-wear areas of the conveyor
  • Conveyors can be built with coolant reservoir for machine tool application where cutting oil and coolant is involved. Tank configuration per customer’s requirements.
  • 3 types of design configurations: perforated, pimpled, or plain belts available
  • Powder coating and wet paint color options available
  • For complete design flexibility you get a choice of conveyor type with any reasonable length legs and angles, belt design and width, and drive systems with optional safety equipment
  • 4 types of design configurations 
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  • Integral Tank
    • FlexForce high pressure coolant system
    • PermaClean Tank
    • Pumps/plumbing/coolant transfer
    • Downstream filtration
    • Tramp oil skimmers
    • Coolant chillers/heat exchanges
  • Complete electricals/control options available including UVS-Ecologic® Controls with Jam Manager® for the ultimate in conveyor control
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