Surplus Conveyors

Surplus Conveyor discounted price

Surplus Conveyors Available

The following surplus conveyors are in stock and ready to ship. They are available at discounted prices substantially below the normal end user price!  All of the conveyors for sale are in new, working condition and will be tested prior to shipment.

Conveyor Type Serial Number Drawing Number Machine Model Price
Horizontal chip conveyor A070889 42-0891 N/A $3,200
Standard chip conveyor A210735 41-7341 Fives G&L TBD
EcoFilter conveyor A190682 42-7865-T02 DNM 5700 TBD
MunchMan conveyor A150441 42-5732 Mazak TBD
Large pitch conveyor G170003-2 42-6608 N/A TBD

Think one of the above conveyor surplus items could meet your needs? Our conveyor experts can help determine if it is a good fit. Contact us for more information at 800-325-7705 or

Note: Due to their heavily discounted price, surplus conveyors are sold as-is with no Jorgensen customer warranty.

  • Ready and on-hand for quick delivery times
  • Reduced cost
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