Jorgensen EcoFilter Conveyor

Filtering Conveyor with Patent-Pending CleanCleat® Technology

EcoFilter® is a flexible, cost effective, self-cleaning conveyor and chip filtration system for turning and machining centers.  It easily fits existing small to midsize machining center and lathe envelopes. EcoFilter® conveyors accommodate a broad coolant flow rate range via flexible filter cell sizing. They provide efficient filtration of fine chips to 50-micron nominal, resulting in improved part finish and accuracy. EcoFilter makes a great initial filtration option and integrates well with FlexFiltration systems.

How it Works
  1. Chips and coolant enter the conveyor’s load section.
  2. A hinged or scraper belt carries out large chips and/or stringers
  3. Coolant and fine chips flow to the section in between the runs of belt, where the EcoFilter® cell is located.
  4. The filter cell separates fine chips from coolant. Filtered coolant flows from the inside of the filter cell, out of the side of the conveyor, and into the coolant tank.
  5. Brushes continuously wipe fine chips from the surface of the filtration cell, keeping the cell clean for coolant to pass through.
  6. Small chips exit between the runs of belt through the bottom run via patent-pending CleanCleat® system, to the bottom of the conveyor casing.
  7. Fines that migrate to the bottom of the casing are scraped up to the top run of belt and discharged.

Jorgensen’s standard hinged steel belt “EcoFilter®-Ready” conveyors can convert to an EcoFilter® with a simple field retrofit kit within an estimated 4 hours.

  • Primary chip removal via hinged belt or scraper belt conveyor
  • Secondary fine chip removal via internal filter cell(s) located between the primary conveyor belt
  • Easily removable filter cells for periodic preventive maintenance
  • Accommodates a broad coolant flow rate range via flexible filter cell sizing and media options
  • Fits existing small to midsize machining center and lathe envelopes easily
  • “EcoFilter®-Ready” conveyor is field-convertible to EcoFilter® with simple field retrofit kit
  • Improved pump, tooling and coolant life
  • Improved part finish/part accuracy
  • No consumables in the system – environmentally friendly
  • Patent-pending self-cleaning system for separated fine chip removal means more machine uptime productivity
  • Single drive for reduced energy consumption
  • Many traditional hinged belt conveyors come EcoFilter® Ready at no additional cost
  • Design can accommodate hinge steel belts or drag flight chain styles
  • EcoFilters can be custom engineered for various lengths, widths, heights, and incline angles.
  • Offered in 1.5” and 2.5” pitch belt designs
  • PermaClean  – maintenance free coolant tank
  • FlexForce high pressure coolant system
  • Pumps / plumbing / coolant transfer
  • Downstream ultra-fine filtration
  • Tramp oil skimmers with tank
  • Complete electrical and control options including UVS Controls with Jam Manager®

Internal Filter-box in the EcoFilter® Conveyor






EcoFilter® in the News 

EcoFilter chip conveyor






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  • Machine Tool Chip Removal
  • Machine Tool Coolant Filtration
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