Jorgensen EcoFilter Conveyor

The Ultimate Filtration Solution for Machining Centers

EcoFilter® revolutionizes machining processes, elevating part finish and precision with its cutting-edge filtration capability. Remove fine chips and contaminants from your coolant for superior machining performance.

Versatile, Cost-Effective, and Self-Cleaning

Experience unmatched versatility as EcoFilter® effortlessly adapts to any machining center or lathe envelope. Its adjustable filter cell sizing accommodates various coolant flow rates, ensuring a seamless and personalized filtration experience.

Enhance Part Finish and Accuracy

Say goodbye to imperfections and welcome consistent, top-quality results. EcoFilter® filters chips down to 200-microns or 80-microns, significantly improving part finish and machining precision, impressing your customers and driving repeat business.

Seamless Integration and Flexibility

Excel with EcoFilter® standalone or paired with FlexFiltration® systems. Experience seamless integration for boosted efficiency and productivity in machining processes.

Simple and Efficient Operation

Operating EcoFilter® is a breeze. Efficiently remove large chips and stringers with the hinged or scraper belt in the conveyor’s load section. Fine chips and coolant flow to the EcoFilter® cell, ensuring clean, filtered coolant for your machining process.

Continuous Self-Cleaning System

Worried about maintenance? EcoFilter® has you covered with built-in brushes continuously wiping fine chips from the filtration cell, ensuring uninterrupted coolant flow and maximized productivity.

Upgrade Your Conveyor Effortlessly

EcoFilter® fits most current machine tool conveyor envelopes, no need for a custom tank.


Transform your current Jorgensen Eco-ready standard hinged steel belt conveyor into an EcoFilter® system seamlessly. Our simple field retrofit kit takes just four hours, saving you time and effort.

Elevate Your Machining Processes with EcoFilter®

Don’t settle for less in your machining processes. Elevate performance, enhance part finish, and boost accuracy with EcoFilter® – the ultimate filtration solution. Remove chips and filter coolant, all in one system. Join countless satisfied customers experiencing the transformative power of EcoFilter® in their operations.


Order EcoFilter® now to experience machining excellence like never before. Your success is our priority, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact EcoFilter® will have on your business. Contact us today!

  • Primary chip removal via hinged belt or scraper belt conveyor
  • Secondary fine chip removal via internal filter cell(s) located between the primary conveyor belt
  • Easily removable filter cells for periodic preventive maintenance
  • Accommodates a broad coolant flow rate range via flexible filter cell sizing and media options
  • Fits existing small to midsize machining center and lathe envelopes easily
  • “EcoFilter®-Ready” conveyor is field-convertible to EcoFilter® with simple field retrofit kit
  • Improved pump, tooling and coolant life
  • Improved part finish/part accuracy
  • No consumables in the system – environmentally friendly
  • Patent-pending self-cleaning system for separated fine chip removal means more machine uptime productivity
  • Single drive for reduced energy consumption
  • Many traditional hinged belt conveyors come EcoFilter® Ready at no additional cost
  • Design can accommodate hinge steel belts or drag flight chain styles
  • 200 micron and 80 micron filtration options
  • EcoFilters can be custom engineered for various lengths, widths, heights, and incline angles.
  • Offered in 1.5” and 2.5” pitch belt designs
  • PermaClean®  – maintenance free coolant tank
  • FlexForce® high pressure coolant system
  • Pumps / plumbing / coolant transfer
  • Downstream ultra-fine filtration
  • Tramp oil skimmers with tank
  • Complete electrical and control options including UVS Controls with Jam Manager®

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  • Machine Tool Chip Removal
  • Machine Tool Coolant Filtration
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