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Jorgensen and Federal Mogul Work Together to Dramatically Improve Plant Productivity

March 15, 2018 8:02 pm

When Federal Mogul decided to make a major plant reorganization at their Puebla, Mexico plant, they turned to Jorgensen Conveyors for their chip conveyors. At this production facility, Federal Mogul makes engine pistons for Heavy Duty applications: trucking, power generators, buses, etc.

Airton Martins, Liaison for Pistons North America, for Federal Mogul recently spearheaded a project to create a better process flow on the shop floor. He designed several different layouts before making his decision, and the best plan called for the 56 Okuma CNC lathes to be aligned one right next to the other.

“Then the real challenge came about: in order for that idea to work I had to have all chip conveyors moved from the side of the machines to the back of them and therefore provide more room for a smoother flow.” 

Jorgensen’s engineers traveled to the plant for a complete assessment of the machines and the new plant design to assure accurate quotes and to avoid any possible fit-up issues.

“We hired Jorgensen Conveyors who did a wonderful job and had all conveyors delivered as planned even working under tremendous pressure from Federal Mogul and also met a very tight schedule imposed by us.” 

“So far, after a year in production, none of the conveyors have given us any problem what so ever.  They are still performing the same way as they were a year or so ago.”

“And, due to the great partnership and commitment developed between Federal Mogul and Jorgensen Conveyors, we would be more than glad be to work together in future projects without a shadow of a doubt.”

This case demonstrates Jorgensen’s commitment to building close relationships and meeting each customer’s specific needs. Our goal is to look at each machine and process to customize a product solution that will provide the machine tool ROI that the customer expects. Mis-applied chip conveyors and filtration systems on machine tools result in premature conveyor wear, costly machine downtime, poor part finishes, and excessive coolant costs. No other company has a broader range of machine tool conveyor and filter product solutions to help eliminate these problems.

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