EcoFilter 80

Jorgensen EcoFilter® Conveyor Gains Enhanced Filtering Capability

September 5, 2023 2:48 pm

Improving on its industry-leading, two-stage chip removal and coolant filtration design, Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Solutions now offers affordable, enhanced filtering capability on the acclaimed EcoFilter® Conveyor. It does so with an all-new filter box configuration that enables efficient filtration of fine chips to 80-micron nominal. Called the EcoFilter® 80, it is the first economical non-drum style conveyor below 100-micron filtration.

The new conveyor provides shops an additional option to Jorgensen’s EcoFilter® 200 that provides fine chip filtration to 200 microns and was the first competitively priced conveyor and filtration system for all levels of turning and machining centers. The overall design and footprint of both conveyors are similar with the significant difference being the increased filtration of the EcoFilter® 80’s filter cell.

EcoFilter® conveyors use a two-stage chip removal and filtration process that carries out large chips on a hinged or scraper belt. Fine chips flow with used coolant between the belt runs to a flow-through EcoFilter® cell where they are separated from the coolant. Clean coolant is discharged to the coolant tank while filtered fines are brushed from the filter screen and flow to the bottom of the conveyor where they are picked up by the belt cleats and discharged.

By dramatically reducing the number of chips that migrate to a machine tool coolant tank, the amount of downtime for tank cleaning and maintenance are significantly reduced while improving pump, tooling and coolant life. The EcoFilter® is environmentally friendly; it uses no consumables, and the single-drive design reduces energy consumption. As a result, shops gain increased production and profitability.

The design integrates with either hinge steel belts or drag flight chain style conveyors. EcoFilter® easily fits most machining centers and lathe envelopes from small to large, accommodating a broad coolant flow rate via flexible filter cell sizing. Additionally, all current EcoFilter-ready conveyors can be considered for an EcoFilter® 80 field retrofit. EcoFilter® conveyors can be custom engineered for a variety of lengths, widths, heights and incline angles.

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