Looking for Gravity Paper Media Filter? Look no further!

April 13, 2020 5:44 pm

A metal forming and fabrication workshop, specializing in hollow symmetrical shapes and assemblies, needed a gravity paper media filter for their application.  (Laser cutting metal to a precalculated depth drawn to an engineered shape requiring little to no welding)

Jorgensen quoted a Gravity Paper Media Filter, capable of handling 50 GPM of water-soluble coolant.  The Clean Coolant Tank is 35.18″ high x 41.68″ wide x 76.86″ long with a capacity of 440 gallons at 30″ coolant depth.

It includes a Clean Coolant Machine Supply Pump with a capacity of 50 GPM @ 30 PSI.  The system also features an Air-Cooled, Drop-In Chiller System capable of removing 10.56 kW (36,000 BTU/Hr) while cooling water-soluble coolant to 60º F in a 90º F ambient.

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