Upgrade your EcoFilter® ready conveyor today!

April 24, 2020 4:13 pm

A temporary slowdown in the business cycle is a great time to maintain or upgrade your chip and filtration solutions – especially if your business remains open as an essential business.

Jorgensen Conveyors upped the ante when we released the EcoFilter® Conveyor which has since become an industry-standard in premium coolant filtration conveyors.   Today, a majority of recently installed Jorgensen conveyors have been manufactured as EcoFilter® Ready allowing you to upgrade if / when your application requires a higher level of filtration.  If you are currently suffering from an unacceptable level of chip migration into the coolant tank, you can purchase the easy to install EcoFilter® Field Retrofit Kit and convert your conveyor to a fully-functional EcoFilter® in a couple of hours!  If you see the EcoFilter® Ready sticker on your conveyor, you’re EcoFilter® Ready!

Benefits of the EcoFilter® Conveyor:

  • Less chip migration to clean coolant supply tank means less machine downtime to clean accumulated chips and fines out of the tank
  • Improved pump, tooling and coolant life
  • Improved part finish/part accuracy
  • No consumables in the system – environmentally friendly
  • Patent-pending self-cleaning system for separated fine chip removal means more machine uptime productivity
  • Single drive for reduced energy consumption
  • Efficient filtration of fine chips from 50-500 micron nominal

Watch how the EcoFilter® Conveyor works!

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