• 1.5” and 2.5” pitch belt sizes available
  • Design employs a unique dual, stacked belt arrangement at the lower curve, through the incline and at the chip discharge
  • Single drive running both belts for efficient operation
  • Ideally suited to oil & energy, automotive, aerospace and other high production, high metal removal rate applications where stringy and balls of chips can be typical
  • 2 types of design configurations to choose from  
  • Full speed control functionality with current overload sensor using our UVS Ecologic® Control with Jam Manager® programming safety device
  • Conveyors can be built with coolant reservoir for machine tool application where cutting oil and coolant is involved
  • Drainage options include coolant drain holes or slots to suit application
  • Click Here to see how the MunchMan® II manages difficult chip loads
  • See how the MunchMan® II solved a challenging problem of long and stringy chips which had jammed single belt conveyors  HERE
  • Another customer has success using the MunchMan® II to remove hazardous chip waste in rail car production HERE

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ISO 9001 Certified